Prevent Overpayment

Airplane Solutions is a tech-lab company delivering high added value solutions based in disruptive technologies for the aeronautical sector at international level.

At Airplane Solutions, we believe in engaging with our customers early in the process to identify business requirements and design disruptive technology solutions backed by our specific domain and technology expertise.

Prevent overpayment
Prevent overpayment

When a vendor invoice don’t match the real DOC, our Software AirSensus stops the payment and claims the vendor for the difference

Automatic update of rates and tariffs

Airlines never will be worried again about vendor prices or last update of airport tax. AirSensus will do it for you

Ready for use

Plug-n-play solution. You can take profit of AirSensus in a really short period of time

Trusted Data Source Capture
Accurate DOC control

Our frontier technology allows us to give you the exact DOC of your fleet with a 99.75% accuracy. No one in the world is able to give this precision

Invoice reconciliation

We creates simulated invoices that should match your vendor invoices. If not, we will alert you immediately with the complete detail of the gap.

No setup fee

AirSensus is a success fee business and we don’t charge our setup costs.

Smart contracts
Smart contracts

Smart contracts reduce bureaucracy. Thanks to smart contracts we reduce the transaction costs and increases the security and reliability

Consolidated information

Normalize all data coming from vendor contracts and the different IoT devices presenting it in centralize dashboards

Simulated scenarios

With updated planned flights we are able to predict the DOC in monthly and yearly basis