Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver this service?

We deliver this service in SaaS format through the use of dashboards, with alarm notifications. Dashboards are accessible through the use of internet by any authorized user. Anyone from anywhere, with authorization, can get the reports from our cloud solution at any time.

How long is the implementation process?

The implementation is based on the plug&play principle.
What we need to do is: We take advantage of any aircraft maintenance break larger than 1 day, in order to install our device. It’s done by an authorised and certified DOA in less than 1 hour. When an aircraft operates, it sends the information to our servers, which transform the data into dashboards. The only work for airlines is to send a copy of all DOC contracts with vendors.

How much the implementation setup costs?

We do not charge the airline to setup the platform. Our model is based in shared savings, so we only earn money if the airline saves money.

Are you able to know exactly how much fuel is expended by a fuel supplier?

Yes, Shoganai SaaS calculates the exact volume of the fuel boarded, calculating the exact number of m3 delivered by the vendor, taking account of density, temperature and atmospheric pressure at this moment.