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Google Flights connects with a dedicated Airplane Solution API to deliver Iberia Express fares

January 2024 Google Flights can now connect to Airplane Solutions APIs and get Iberia Express fares, with a compromise of up to 200 transactions per second.

Airplane Solutions has provided Iberia Express with a pricing solution for e-commerce, as well as calendars featuring minimum prices during the pre-booking pricing phase. Building on this success, Google now also exposes Iberia Express flights and fares through our specialized GFS API.

Iberia Express has reached an agreement with Google Flights to process up to 200 records per second. This task is made possible by our state-of-the-art technology, leveraging a microservices-based architecture. Our system's scalability ensures that we can meet higher demands whenever our customers require.

We take pride in our ability to deliver an average of 18 million pricing responses daily to Google Flights on behalf of Iberia Express, a notable achievement for an airline managing a fleet of 23 aircraft. This is a significant volume of pricing transactions for a low-cost carrier that consistently focuses on cost optimization. We serve as the primary airline pricing provider for the eCommerce, and we are capable of handling such transaction volumes thanks to our highly efficient computational performance.

Airplane Solutions develops the Air Pricing technology platform, where pricing is the core of the solution. We remain committed to showcase our capabilities and assist our clients in achieving their objectives with optimal efficiency.

The Airplane Solutions team are pricing experts. We build digital travel solutions based on cutting-edge cloud technology. Our products and services adapt to your digital touchpoints to create the best possible experience for your customers and staff.

For more information about Airplane Solutions, please visit the homepage, download our corporate presentations or request a software demonstration for your company.


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