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Streamlining airport tax updates for Vueling

March 2024 The successful introduction of a new feature marks the beginning of an exciting new partnership.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Vueling, coupled with the successful launch of a new functionality aimed at simplifying the process of updating airport taxes on Navitaire. Prior to the implementation of our solution, the Vueling team had to manually update airport taxes, requiring resource effort and assuming the risk of potential errors.

In response, we have developed a straightforward solution leveraging our expertise in fare quoting.

Our solution addresses the specific needs of Vueling by providing airport tax data, both with and without VAT, streamlining their operational requirements. At Airplane Solutions, our guiding principle is to deliver high-quality products that add value to our clients, whether it's a small-scale or large-scale project.

We view this collaboration as the initial step in what we hope will become a long-term partnership between Vueling and Airplane Solutions. Our commitment remains steadfast in offering top-notch solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy for our clients.

Vueling Airlines, headquartered near Barcelona, is a Spanish low-cost airline with a fleet of 124 aircraft that initially focused on offering affordable flights within Spain and to various European destinations. Over time, the airline has significantly expanded its network, encompassing numerous airports across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Today, Vueling's route map extends to a diverse array of popular tourist and business destinations.

The Airplane Solutions team are pricing experts. We build digital travel solutions based on cutting-edge cloud technology. Our products and services adapt to your digital touchpoints to create the best possible experience for your customers and staff.

For more information about Airplane Solutions, please visit the homepage, download our corporate presentations or request a software demonstration for your company.


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